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ISSN: 2651-5652 /Volume 2/Issue 2/ April 2018

Examining the Ongoing Controversy Concerning Embryonic Stem Cell Research In The Light Of the Principle That A Scientific Investigation Should Be Non-Ethical


Embryonic stem cell research has been facing a lot of ethical controversies since the first successful culturing of human embryonic stem cells in the laboratory in 1998. Many religious faithful, scientists, researchers, politicians, lawmakers, government officials, etc. have been arguing either in favour of or against the propagation of the research. The controversy has slowed the rate of stem cell science and shaped many aspects of its successive development. To this end, this write-up examined the principle that scientific investigations should be non-ethical against the backdrop of the current controversy surrounding embryonic stem cell research. The paper explores the major ethical considerations and controversies in embryonic stem cell research and examines the need for non-ethical principle in embryonic stem cell research and maintained that regulation is urgently needed in order to ensure progress in the embryonic stem cell research.


Controversy, embryonic stem cell research, scientific investigation, non-ethical

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