Journal of Consultancy, Training and Services
ISSN: 2651-5652 /Volume 2/Issue 1/ Febraury 2018

Behaviour Therapy in African Perspective


Behaviour therapy is a systematic learning procedure for transforming maladaptive or unwanted behaviours to adaptive ones that the society wants. This paper discussed the therapy in terms of its background, different approaches, basic tenets, goals, counsellors’ role, therapeutic process, therapeutic techniques, applicability in Nigeria and other African Societies and criticisms. The conclusion reached is that despise the criticisms, behaviour therapy has strengths from the methods it uses and is reliable because of its insistence on objectivity, control over variables and precise measurement. The therapy is found useful in various African settings such as school, hospitals, industries, organizations, institutions, among others, and it has both individual and group applicability. Therefore, practicing counsellors, psychologists, teachers, social workers and other individuals having interest in changing human behaviours are hereby encouraged to make optimum use of the therapy in order to promote their professional practices.


Behaviour, therapy, African perspective

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