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ISSN: 2651-5652 /Volume 3/Issue 2/ June 2019

Socio-economic status of parents and delinquency among secondary school students in Ehime Mbano, Imo state, Nigeria


The state of crime and delinquency insecurity in Nigeria is very alarming. The criminal activities in Nigeria include fraud, armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, theft, rape, drug abuse and addiction. The delinquent acts include some of the above and further include, truancy, indiscipline, exam malpractice, cult activity and others. Most of these acts of deviance are committed by young people some of whom are in school. Therefore it became pertinent to conduct this study to examine the relationship between parent’s socioeconomic status and engagement in delinquent behaviour. The study adopted a survey design and used the questionnaire instrument to collect data from 200 in school students in Ehime- Mbano, Imo state. The result shows a significant association between socioeconomic status of parents and engagement in deviant behaviour of the students. It was recommended that intervention efforts for the control and eradication of delinquency in schools should involve the parents


Socioeconomic status; Parents; delinquency; secondary school; Nigeria

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