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ISSN: 2651-5652 /Volume 2/Issue 2/ June 2018

Stress, Depression, Burnout and Anxiety among Chemistry Education Students in Universities in South-East, Nigeria


This research objective was to determine the prevalence of stress, depression, burnout and anxiety among Chemistry education students in Universities in South-East, Nigeria. we investigated 611 students specializing in Chemistry education. Participants completed the measures of stress, depression, burnout and anxiety symptoms. The statistical tool used for data analysis was frequency, percentage, and chi-square. Results showed that a greater number of the surveyed sample of Chemistry education students had high stress (93.8%), severe depression (97.3%), high burnout (high exhaustion=80.4%, high depersonalization=71.2%, low personal accomplishment=77.7%) and severe anxiety (69.2%). It was, therefore, suggested that this category of students be exposed to evidence-based interventions such as cognitive-behavioural interventions to assist them to reduce their stress, depression, burnout and anxiety problems.


Stress, Depression, Burnout, Anxiety, Chemistry Education Students

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